Parish Housekeeping

Useful information and tips for keeping the Parish clean and tidy.

Garden Refuse

Please remember garden waste will only be collected if it is in the MBC printed wheeled Green Waste bin. 

Please do not put turf, foil, stones, animal waste or bedding, large branches, logs, tree stumps or kitchen scraps in the Green Waste Bin.  Contact MBC on 01622 602162 or send an email via their website at  to hire a bin.

For further details on rubbish disposal or recycling issues please visit the MBC web site at

Recyling Bin
Please recycle your paper & cardboard, glass jars, plastic bottles, ice cream tubs & yoghurt pots.
* Remember, as well as newspapers & junk mail, magazines and store catalogues can also go into your bin for recycling.
Street Cleansing
Maidstone Borough Council are responsible for keeping our streets clean and tidy. Approximately every six weeks MBC will provide a manual crew as well as a mechanical sweep.

The manual crew will attend to the Memorial Playing Field and Play Area and empty bins where necessary. The mechanical sweeper will sweep the road channels on all the kerbed roads. If residents notice an area of the village which has not been included in the sweep, please contact the Parish Clerk or

Fly Tipping

If you see anyone dumping rubbish – call the TIP OFF Line 0845 3000 630 with full details.  The usual MBC Cleansing Hotline on 01622 602162 can be used for any other reports or queries regarding cleansing and environmental issues.

Dog Fouling – Be A Responsible Owner

This is an issue that is of concern and we want to make sure your streets and open spaces are clean and free of dog mess, so as to give you a better quality of life.
A number of problems with dog fouling have been reported within the parish. Dog mess is unsightly and a health risk, especially to children.
Owners who do not clean up when their pets foul roads, pavements, grassed areas, playing fields, public open spaces, village greens, children's play areas or car parks, can be charged a fixed penalty fine of £50. If the case is taken further MBC's maximum fine is £1,000.
Local dog owners are urged to clear up after their pets and use the red dog waste bins or standard bins. It is not a reasonable excuse if there is no dog waste bin in the area.  Please use your own bag and pop it in a bin or take it home for disposal.

It is generally a minority who flout the law and don't clean up.  If you are one of these please think again.

Please contact the MBC Dog Warden, Louise Duke on 01622 602117 or by email to to report irresponsible dog owners.

Private landowners, residents and businesses can now apply to MBC for a graffiti removal service. There is a small charge for this service. Enquiries should be made to MBC Cleansing Call Centre on 01622 602162.