What do I do if I have a complaint about the Council ?

The Parish Council is a democratically elected body with authority to make decisions on matters within its power.  It works hard to provide a quality service to the people of Chart Sutton and to ensure decisions taken are in the interests of the Parish as a whole. There may be occasions when it is very difficult to balance the interests of everyone in the village and not everyone will be happy with every decision made. 

It is hoped that you will always find the Council to act fairly and constructively, even if you do not always support its decision.  If you should find that you have a complaint about an aspect of procedure or administration then you are invited to contact the Council.  This can be done by contacting either a member of the Council or the Clerk who will try to help resolve any problem. 

If this is not immediately possible you will be advised upon the Council’s Complaints Procedure and through that procedure the Council will try to achieve a resolution of the dispute.