What can I do about noise nuisance ?

Maidstone Borough Council can assist with problems of noise pollution.

Noise problems MBC can deal with:

Noise in the home including amplified music and DIY
Industrial and commercial noise
Agricultural noise
Barking dogs
Leisure activities. For example clay pigeon shoots, concerts, motor events, model aircraft
Stationary vehicles, equipment and machinery in the street
Intruder alarms or vehicle alarms
Construction sites and demolition work

Noise problems MBC can’t deal with:

Slamming doors
Raised voices
Moving traffic (This is dealt with by Kent County Council)
Aircraft – fixed wing and helicopters Armed Forces activities (Civil Aviation Authority deal with this)

If you’re experiencing problems you can deal with these issues by going to the Maidstone Mediation Services website, the Citizens Advice Bureau website or by seeking legal advice.

Neighbour noise can have a huge impact on people’s lives.

Before reporting a noise problem try to:

Build a relationship with your neighbour
Have a quiet word with your neighbour about the problem
If you need to, have another word and explain the impact it is having on you and your family
Use the Maidstone Mediation Services website or call 01622 692843
If they live in a rented or housing association property contact your neighbour’s landlord to talk about the issues

If you have tried the appropriate steps above and they haven’t worked you can report a noise problem to MBC.

Report a Noise Problem at http://www.maidstone.gov.uk/residents/noise,-animals,-litter-and-pollution/noise

You can also fill in a ‘Reporting Noise Sheet’. This will help MBC understand the problem. You will need to do this over a period of two to four weeks. Examples of the way we need you to fill in the sheet are available online. Once you have done this, email it to enforcementoperations@maidstone.gov.uk

If the information provided indicates a possible nuisance MBC will attempt to get further evidence that involves independent witnessing by an officer or installing a noise recorder in your property. This may result in your neighbour being served a notice or being prosecuted at Maidstone Magistrates’ Court.

You can also take your own private action by contacting a solicitor.


Commercial noise can be from nightclubs, pubs and businesses and is dealt with in a similar way to neighbour noise.

Before reporting a noise problem you should try and speak with the business first to explain the issue. More often than not, this will solve the problem straight away. If it doesn’t you can report the noise to MBC at http://www.maidstone.gov.uk/residents/noise,-animals,-litter-and-pollution/noise and they can investigate.