How do I arrange a bulky refuse collection ?

Bookings can be taken for Bulky Collections by using the Maidstone Borough Council website (see link below).

MBC accept Visa, Visa Debit and Mastercard.

Number of Items

Price as at November 2018

1 – 4 items


5 – 8 items


Fridge/freezer collections

It costs £20 per white good with a maximum of two fridges, freezers or fridge/freezers. All items must be under two meters in height.


MBC need to know what all the items are when taking the booking. If they don’t, they won’t be able to collect them. Once a booking has been taken any changes or additions can only be made by 11am, on the working day before the collection. The collection must be from a residential property. The items must be left just inside the front boundary of your property for 7am on the day of collection. If you live in a flat the items need to be left in or by the bin store. MBC will not collect from commercial premises, including schools and nursing homes.

About your bulky items
Each item will need to be under two metres in length so it can be lifted safely by two people. A three-piece suite is classed as three items for example a sofa and two armchairs.

If you have garden waste, please put it in your garden waste bin, as MBC don’t collect garden waste in a bulky collection. Small items, such as tiles, need to be put into containers so they can be lifted safely by two people. Fridges, freezers, televisions and computer monitors can be collected using the bulky collection service. But these will be collected by a separate vehicle as they can’t be crushed.

What MBC won’t collect

Builders rubble
Car parts
Commercial waste
Garage and patio doors
Garden waste
Hazardous waste including paint, oils etc
Industrial waste
Items that can’t be lifted safely by two people
Lengths of metal or wood above two metres
Window units

Builders sacks or Hippo bags

Storage Heaters